EU's Timmermans: “Ukraine deserves all our support”

EU's Timmermans: "Ukraine deserves all our support"

DW spoke with European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, who was in Kyiv for talks with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Timmermans said that “Ukraine deserves all our support.”

“The fact that the Ukrainian people fight with such determination and such passion for their freedom should be a clear signal to the European Union that we should support them with every means we have,” he said.

“I think it is a logical step undertaken by France, Germany and others to support Ukraine militarily with these armored personnel carriers,” he said, in reference to some of the latest weapons delivery pledges.


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  1. Long live Zelensky! May he become the torpedo that will sink the EU and UK to the bottom of the sea. The history of war repeats again in the white men's world. WW I and II, now leading to WW III. White men can't live without wars.

  2. It's taking the Germans too long to understand that Ukraine needs tanks now!!! Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are dying daily while Olaf dithers! What on earth are they waiting for?!?

  3. Today, Europe has cheap GAS from Russia, and tomorrow Yakut wears your wife holding a machine gun pointed at you! THINK it's like a Ukrainian I tell you!

  4. this is a war for world domination and power. politicians want to dictate to others what they should do. how can anybody attack democracy and freedom in europe now that the eu is isolating itself?

  5. These so-called ethnic Russians were supported by Russia and actually suppressing Ukrainian inhabitants on their own territory! If they had used democratic means they would have got more power. But hey, the are Russians as you say: So they are armed rapists, thieves, murderers who came to" help" and destroy the so called" liberated" territories and massacre Ukranian civilians.
    I guess your stupidity cannot be cured? And you deny this murderous action? How much does Putler pay you?

  6. Germany and Russia should be peaceful trading partners – ukraine deserves trading support not military against russia will russia idly sit by and allow germany to militarily support the ukraine? this regime in ukraine will pass but russia's revenge against its local supportors will not likely

  7. this guy goes home with salary and bribes you cannot dream of… and is telling you about the change of the energy policy. Big bull for us small people

  8. In other words they want to use Ukrainian natural resources and it’s people for cheap labour and military. I wish Ukrainians just wake up and stop listening to these ruthless Capitalists, it’s all about business and profits for them, nothing more.

  9. Stop inventing. This is the war of human stupidity. Yes, this war grew under the stupidity of European politicians.. And what is worse, they will never have the courage to admit that they made a mistake and be able to bring this war to an end.

  10. Totally agree..!
    Today, after this unfair war ,against Ukraine..
    WE ALL have to stand by Ukraine , !
    WE ALL have to stand next to the worlds principals..!

    IF , you all , hypocrite's of the world , standing the similar way ,..!
    and I don't mean ,the military support ,..and next to my country Cyprus , showing to Turkey the right way , ..most probably ,Cyprus could of been free..!
    FREE ..!

    PS :.. the same situation ,Ukraine facing today , ! With Russia to claiming that all is doing is for the protection of the Russian minority in Ukraine ..!
    The very same excuse , Turkey ,is still using for the occupation of the half almost of my country Cyprus..!

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