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What's your problem?

  • I want to be successful, but don’t know where to start.
  • My relations are bad and I don’t know how to get things right.
  • How can I improve focus &, decision-making, under stress?

What makes me happy?

  • I set my goals, work for them and things start to fall in line.
  • I have a great circle of friends and family; I am so blessed.
  • I hardly get distracted; have so much time for everyone.

what you can do...

Key objective of Emotional Intelligence Training

...enhance performance in three important areas of human development:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Self-Direction

Six Seconds Training Model

it captures these concepts in the three pursuits...

  • Know Yourself:  It gives you the “what” – when you Know Yourself, you know your strengths and challenges, you know what you are doing, what you want, and what to change.
  • Choose Yourself:  It provides the “how” – it shows you how to take action, how to influence yourself and others, how to “operationalize” these concepts.
  • Give Yourself:  It delivers the “why” – when you Give Yourself you are clear and full of energy so you stay focused why to respond in a certain way, why to move in a new direction, and why others should come on board.

Tauqir Ahmad

Director, EQ Pakistan

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner & Assessor

Mobile: +92-334-9588332

How we can help?


International Recognition: The Six Seconds Certifications have attained the highest standards of training programs globally

Mr. Tauqir Ahmad is a Certified Trainer, and Assessor in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). He has vast experience in education, training, and human development. He  has special interest and expertise in Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts Effectiveness, Decision Making, Influence, Relationships, and our Quality of Life.

EQ CAFE VIDEO - How to use “Emotional Intelligence” as a powerful ingredient

Key Outcomes

Decision Making:  Capacity to select most effective option
Influence:  Capacity to motivate & involve others
Community: Capacity to maintain mutually caring connections to increase belonging
Network: Capacity to build multiple relationships to create alliance & support
Achievement: Capacity to achieve meaningful goals
Satisfaction: Capacity to feel appreciation about one’s life & efforts
Balance: Capacity to prioritize, manage stress & be fully present
Health: Capacity to maintain optimal physical energy & functioning

Tauqir Ahmad's EQ Certifications

  • Certified EQ Practitioner
  • Certified EQ Assessor (Adult & Youth)
  • Certified EQ Profiler
  • Certified in iSEL (Social Emotional Learning in Education)

Using Six Seconds EQ training model & assesment tools, Tauqir Ahmad facilitates an interactive and experiential learning  process that takes participants to the next level in their journey to intellectual and professional growth.

EQ Training Methodology

  • Workshops: Presentations, videos, activities, exercises, case studies, and discussions in an informal environment.
  • Assessments: Through highly advanced psychometric tools. Feedback on assessment is given through professional debrief conducted individually.
  • Profile Reports: Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile, EQ Dashboard, Neural Network Report.

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